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Hell yeah, I'm here!!!

SIGGRAPH. Computer graphics, techniques. Los Angeles. The place where all the people ride skateboards and the stories are made. But then you have all this computer graphics geeks, you may not be aware but they’ve been around for some time, they wanted to tell stories, to create emotions, to give people meaningful experiences.

Los Angeles Convention Center was the place to be, we come from different places around the globe, but for one week this place was our homeland. “You are Here” can be read on a panel, I couldn’t figure out why I haven’t been here before, you realize that you have a long road to walk, you need to start getting that engineering thinking with the careful sight of an artist. Animation, simualtion, videogames, but in the end it’s all about the people behind the pixels.

Autodesk, NVIDIA, Epic, Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic, Vicon, you cannot decide where to go first and watch how this marvelous industry is changing the way we live every moment. I’m still a student on my senior year of college, and there is a lot of work to do, but now I’m very convinced that this is the right place to be, there is no other place where you can learn by first hand how is it to be immersed inside the computer graphics scene.

Maybe all those videogames or VFX are just polygons popping out from your screen, pixels bombing your head, but, believe me, all of those are not made from hi res textures nor the most advance rendering techniques. Those are made from the same thing which the dreams are made of.

It’s a Hollywood summer, you end up walking feeling the wind in your hair on a Santa Monica dock, and buying Dunnies and Tokidoki stuff on Melrose street while girls are crossing the streets, and that is the best memory of Los Angeles that I have.



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